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Лункіна, Т. І. ; Каратай, Т. М. (2017)
  • Publisher: Petro Mohyla Black Sea State Univetsity
  • Journal: Naukovi Pratsi. Economy (issn: 1609-7742, eissn: 1609-7742)
  • Subject: recycle; recycling; municipal solid waste; concept | утилизация; переработка; твердые бытовые отходы; концепция | утилізація; переробка; тверді побутові відходи; концепція

The article describes methods for recycling of municipal solid waste, their advantages and disad-vantages. Economically, the necessity of disposing of municipal solid waste and noted the relevance of this issue for our country. It highlighted the current situation and development trends in the sphere of waste management through the analysis of the «Concept of the national treatment program to waste». In the article the existent state of the system of handling with hard domestic wastes is analyzed in Ukraine. Oversea experience in decision of problems of utilization and defusing of hard domestic wastes is investigated. Was determined, that the operating system of the system of handling hard domestic wastes on Ukraine is a considerable sanitary and hygienically danger. Its activity is not directed on processing of wastes for the use them as the second raw material and fuel and energy resources. The existent meth-ods of utilization and defusing of hard domestic wastes on Ukraine need reorganization for providing the health of population and prevention of environment care contamination. An alternative method of disposal and sorting of solid waste, the approach was the discovery by ana-lyzing the current situation in the country and using foreign experience. The economic system at the cor-rect elevation of household waste, but concluded that the necessary radical changes and developments in this matter. Home inequality that collects far more solid waste than measures is aimed at recycling and getting rid of the problem.
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