Putin’s Russia: Russian Mentality and Sophisticated Imperialism in Military Policies

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Szénási, Lieutenant-Colonel Endre (2016)
  • Publisher: Academia Militar
  • Journal: PROELIUM (issn: 1645-8826, eissn: 1645-8826)
  • Subject: Imperialism; Mentality; Russia; United States of America; West

According to my experiences, the Western world hopelessly fails to understand Russian mentality, or misinterprets it. During my analysis of the Russian way of thinking I devoted special attention to the examination of military mentality. I have connected the issue of the Russian way of thinking to the contemporary imperial policies of Putin’s Russia.  I have also attempted to prove the level of sophistication of both. I hope that a better understanding of both the Russian mentality and imperialism could contribute to avoiding conceptual mistakes in many fields of Western-Russian relations.
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