Sensory and aromatic characteristics of tongue sole by-products hydrolysates (Cynoglossus senegalensis)

Other literature type English OPEN
Sylla, K. S. B.; Berge, Jean-pascal; Prost, Carole; Musabyemariya, B.; Seydi, Mg;
  • Publisher: Association Africaine de Microbiologie et Hygiène Alimentaire
  • Subject: hydrolyse enzymatique | co-produits | arôme | Enzymatic hydrolysis | by-products | aroma

Tongue sole by-products coming from fish-filleting plant were hydrolyzed by Protamex® protease. To identify the future application of hydrolysates, a sensory analysis was carried out.The sensory profile was performed with a jury of 14 specialized judges.11 profiles were... View more
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