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Le rôle des amino-acides dans les processus de l'alimentation et dans l'essaimage des larves des poissons marins

Dempsey, Clive H.;
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  • Published: 01 Nov 1981
  • Publisher: Publ. CNEXO (France) (Actes Colloq.)(no. 14)
  • Country: France
Amino acids are known to elicit feeding behaviour in adult fish. Larval fish also respond to amino acids. The behaviour of larval herring in gradients of amino acids was analyzed to see how responses to amino acids might aid in food finding or allow larvae to remain in patches of food. No reflex-like behaviour patterns were found. Olfactory cues seem to prepare larvae to receive secondary, probably visual.
Medical Subject Headings: fungi
free text keywords: Histoire Ifremer
European Marine Science

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