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Vibrio damsela as a pathogenic agent causing mortalities in cultured sea bass (Lates calcarifer)

Renault, Tristan; Haffner, Philippe; Malfondet, C.; Weppe, Maurice;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 1994
  • Publisher: EAFP
  • Country: France
Vibrio anguillarum and Vibrio ordali are species frequently described as fish pathogens. Seven species of Vibrio can also be implicated in disease problems in mariculture (Toranzo 1990). sorne of Vibrios and Barja, In addition, these marine such as V. vulnificus (Tison et al.. 1982) and V. damsela (Love et al., 1981) can also cause illness homoiothermic animals
Medical Subject Headings: fungifood and beverages
free text keywords: Fish pathogens, Lates calacrifer, Mortality, Vibrio damsela
European Marine Science

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