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Gaining insight into Clipperton's lagoon hydrology using tritium.

Jean-baptiste, Philippe; Fourre, Elise; Charlou, Jean-luc; Donval, Jean-pierre; Correge, Thierry;
  • Published: 01 Jun 2009
  • Publisher: Elsevier BV
  • Country: France
Historical descriptions of the Clipperton lagoon appear to converge on the fact that it became isolated from the surrounding ocean around 1858. Since then, because of the high precipitation rate which largely exceeds evaporation in this region of the eastern tropical Pacific, a brackish lens has formed on top of the saline oceanic waters. In 1980, literature data show that the thickness of this water body was reaching 14 m. During the 2005 Etienne's Clipperton expedition, we collected lagoon water on two vertical profiles. Salinity, delta O-18 and tritium analyses were performed on these samples with the objective of gaining further insight into the lagoon hydro...
free text keywords: Oxygen isotopes, Tritium, Enclosed lagoon hydrology, Clipperton atoll, Aquatic Science, Oceanography, Brackish water, Delta, Precipitation, Geology, Isotopes of oxygen, Salinity, Atoll, geography.geographical_feature_category, geography, Halocline, Surface water, Ecology, Hydrology

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