Three Dinophyceae from Clipperton Island lagoon (eastern Pacific Ocean), including a description of Peridiniopsis cristata var. tubulifera var. nov.

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Coute, Alain; Perrette, Catherine; Chomerat, Nicolas;
  • Publisher: Walter De Gruyter & Co
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1515/bot-2011-121
  • Subject: morphology | dinoflagellates | phytoplankton | taxonomy | lagoon

Clipperton Island is a small French coral atoll in the eastern Pacific Ocean, which has been rarely investigated because of its remote location and difficult access. There is little scientific information on this ecosystem and only a few microalgae have been reported fr... View more
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    Carty and Cox 1986, p. 200, figs. 11-14.

    Synonyms Glenodinium cinctum sensu Levander 1892, p. 407, figs. 1-4; Peridinium balticum (Levander) Lemmermann 1910, p. 657.

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