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Les apports organiques et leur transformation en milieu abyssal à l'interface eau-sédiment dans l'Océan Atlantique tropical

Khripounoff, Alexis; Rowe, Gilbert T;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 1985
  • Publisher: Gauthier-Villars
  • Country: France
Five particle traps were deployed at depths of 4 400 to 4 900 rn at two stations on the Demerara abyssal plain and one station on the Cape Verde abyssal plain (tropical Atlantic). At the same time, an intensive sampling of superficial sediments was carried out using a 0,25 m2 box corer. The total particle flux varied from 372 to 87,7 mg dry weightfm2/day. The average concentration of organic carbon was 40 mg/g of material collected. ln the surface sediment this was only 4 mg/g. A direct relationship existed between the intensity of the flux of organic matter and the richness of the organic matter of the deposited sediment. According to our calculations, more tha...
free text keywords: Milieu abyssal, Flux particulaire, Bilan d'énergie, Biochimie des particules et des sédiments, Atlantique tropical, Deep-sea, Particles flux, Tropical atlantic, Energy budget, Biochemitry of particles and sediments
European Marine Science
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39 references, page 1 of 3
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