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Dégradation des hydrocarbures et dénitrification bacterienne dans les sédiments marins de la cote mediterranéenne

Azoulay, E.; Violet, M.; Giusti, G.; Stragier, C.;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 1982
  • Publisher: Publications du Centre National pour l'Exploitation des Océans (CNEXO). Série : Actes de colloques, n° 13, 1982, pp. 11-29
  • Country: France
The bacterial populations located in marine sediments or in the areas of "Etang de Berre" which are regularly polluted by petroleum rejects, are able to degrade hydrocarbons in the presence of ammonium and at a lesser degree in the presence of nitrate as sole nitrogen source. Denitrifying activity was determinated by different methods. The obtained results lead in first approximation to the general following conclusions: - Most of the bacteria which degrade hydrocarbons possess a constitutive nitrate reductase, oxygene and ammonium insensible, which is different from the classical dissimilatory or assimilatory nitrate reductase. - In these bacteria, the lack of ...
free text keywords: Dénitrification, Nitrate réductase, Associations bactéries phytoplancton, Cycle de l'azote dans les sédiments méditerranéens, Biodégradation
European Marine Science

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