Marketing management of sport and tourism - Introduction

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Bieger, Thomas ; Beritelli, Pietro (2003)
  • Publisher: Edition AIEST
  • Subject: business studies

Marketing Management of sport and tourism does not just mean marketing of touristic sport products. Marketing management of sport and tourism can be divided into marketing of sport activities, events or infrastructure for people outside the location and marketing of tourism through sport activities, events and sport infrastructure. A system approach is introduced to serve as a model for explaining interrelations between the different elements in the sport and tourism context. As such destinations, tourists, sport events, inhabitants and sport infrastructure have been identified. Based on literature research the need and a concept for an integrated management of the tourism sport marketing system is derived. Obviously the fit between the different system elements and making use of synergies in within the tourism marketing system is crucial. Research questions and a list of criterias for tourism marketing through sport is developed.
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