publication . Doctoral thesis . 2013

Investigating accidents involving aircraft manufactured from polymer composite materials

Dunn, Leigh;
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  • Published: 01 Mar 2013
  • Publisher: Cranfield University
  • Country: United Kingdom
This thesis looks into the examination of polymer composite wreckage from the perspective of the aircraft accident investigator. It develops an understanding of the process of wreckage examination as well as identifying the potential for visual and macroscopic interpretation of polymer composite aircraft wreckage. The in-field examination of aircraft wreckage, and subsequent interpretations of material failures, can be a significant part of an aircraft accident investigation. As the use of composite materials in aircraft construction increases, the understanding of how macroscopic failure characteristics of composite materials may aid the field investigator is b...
free text keywords: Fractography, Reconstruction, Failure Analysis, Fracture, Mishap
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Doctoral thesis . 2013
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21 references, page 1 of 2
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