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Investigation into the effects of operating conditions and design parameters on the creep life of high pressure turbine blades in a stationary gas turbine engine

Eshati, Samir; Abu, Abdullahi; Laskaridis, Panagiotis; Haslam, Anthony;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Sep 2011
  • Publisher: Technical University of Lodz
  • Country: United Kingdom
A physics–based model is used to investigate the relationship between operating conditions and design parameters on the creep life of a stationary gas turbine high pressure turbine (HPT) blade. A performance model is used to size the blade and to determine its stresses. The effects of radial temperature distortion, turbine inlet temperature, ambient temperature and compressor degradation on creep life are then examined. The results show variations in creep life and failure location along the span of the blade enabling better informed design and maintenance decisions.
free text keywords: Lifing, creep, turbine, blade, performance, degradation
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