Report of the AOD Format Task Force

Other literature type English OPEN
Assamagan, K A; Black, K; Calafiura, P; Costanzo, D; Cranmer, K; Dell'Acqua, A; Farbin, A; Van Gemmeren, P; Gowdy, S; Jones, R; Lari, T; Malon, D; Paige, F; Polesello, G; Snyder, S; Barberis, D; Giannotti, F; Hinchliffe, Ian; Quarrie, D;
  • Subject: Detectors and Experimental Techniques

The Analysis Object Data (AOD) are produced by ATLAS reconstruction and are the main input for most analyses. AOD, like the Event Summary Data (ESD, the other main output of reconstruction) are written as POOL files and are readable from Athena, and, to a limited extent... View more
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