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Big bang and big crunch in matrix string theory

Bedford, J.; Papageorgakis, C.; Rodriguez-Gomez, D.; Ward, J.;
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  • Published: 12 Feb 2007
Following the holographic description of linear dilaton null Cosmologies with a Big Bang in terms of Matrix String Theory put forward by Craps, Sethi and Verlinde, we propose an extended background describing a Universe including both Big Bang and Big Crunch singularities. This belongs to a class of exact string backgrounds and is perturbative in the string coupling far away from the singularities, both of which can be resolved using Matrix String Theory. We provide a simple theory capable of describing the complete evolution of this closed Universe.
arXiv: High Energy Physics::TheoryGeneral Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
free text keywords: Particle Physics - Theory, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Quantum electrodynamics, Big Bounce, Matrix string theory, String cosmology, Particle physics, Big Crunch, Non-critical string theory, String field theory, Ultimate fate of the universe, Physics, Cyclic model, High Energy Physics - Theory
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