Prospective study for the development of an analysis to measure the tri-linear Higgs coupling using the Matrix Element Method with the ATLAS experiment at the HL-LHC.

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Eble, Florian;
  • Subject: Detectors and Experimental Techniques
    arxiv: High Energy Physics::Phenomenology

The measurement of the Higgs boson self-coupling $\lambda$, also referred to as the Higgs boson tri-linear coupling $\lambda_{HHH}$, is of great importance to experimentally reconstruct the Higgs potential and assess whether the Higgs boson discovered in 2012 at CERN is... View more
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    Bkg ttH events - no smearing - no cut Bkg ttH events - smearing - no cut Bkg ttH events - smearing - preselection cuts GaussianTransferFunctionOnEnergy.tf_p1 = { ps_point = add_dimension(), reco_particle = y1.reco_p4, sigma = 0.01,

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