The straw tube technology for the LHCb outer tracking system

Other literature type English OPEN
Bachmann, S; Bagaturia, I; Deppe, H; Eisele, F; Haas, T; Hajduk, L; Langenegger, U; Michalowski, J; Nawrot, A; Polok, G; Pellegrino, A; Schuijlenburg, H; Schwierz, R; Sluijk, T; Spelt, J; Spaan, B; Szczekowski, M; Stange, U; Syryczynski, K; Trunk, U; Walter, M; Wiedner, D; Uwer, U; Van Appeldorn, G;
  • Subject: Detectors and Experimental Techniques

For the outer tracking system of the LHCb spectrometer 53.760 straws of 2.5 m length will be used. They are arranged in detector modules of 5 m length and 0.34 m width. The envisaged spatial resolution over the entire active area is 200$mu$m resulting in stringent requi... View more
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