Front end optimization for the monolithic active pixel sensor of the ALICE Inner Tracking System upgrade

Other literature type English OPEN
Kim, D; Rinella, G Aglieri; Cavicchioli, C; Chanlek, N; Collu, A; Degerli, Y; Dorokhov, A; Flouzat, C; Gajanana, D; Gao, C; Guilloux, F; Hillemanns, H; Hristozkov, S; Junique, A; Keil, M; Kofarago, M; Kugathasan, T; Kwon, Y; Lattuca, A; Mager, M; Sielewicz, K M; Tobon, C A Marin; Marras, D; Martinengo, P; Mazza, G; Mugnier, H; Musa, L; Pham, T H; Puggioni, C; Reidt, F; ... view all 38 authors

ALICE plans to replace its Inner Tracking System during the second long shut down of the LHC in 2019 with a new 10 m(2) tracker constructed entirely with monolithic active pixel sensors. The TowerJazz 180 nm CMOS imaging Sensor process has been selected to produce the s... View more
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