Rotordynamic Forces on Centrifugal Pump Impellers

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Franz, R. ; Arndt, N. ; Caughey, T. K. ; Brennen, C. E. ; Acosta, A. J. (1987)
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The asymmetric flow around an impeller in a volute exerts a force upon the impeller. To study the rotordynamic force on an impeller which is vibrating around its machine axis of rotation, the impeller, mounted on a dynamometer, is made to whirl in a circular orbit within the volute. The measured force is expressed as the sum of a steady radial force and an unsteady force due to the eccentric motion of the impeller. These forces were measured in separate tests on a centrifugal pump with radically increased shroud clearance, a two-dimensional impeller, and an impeller with an inducer, the impeller of the HPOTP (High Pressure Oxygen Turbopump) of the SSME (Space Shuttle Main Enginer). In each case, a destabilizing force was observed over a region of positive whirl.
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