Geochemistry of the Bagnold dune field as observed by ChemCam and comparison with other aeolian deposits at Gale crater

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Agnes, Cousin; Dehouck, Erwin; Meslin, Pierre-Yves; Forni, Olivier; Williams, Amy J.; Stein, Nathan; Gasnault, Olivier; Bridges, Nathan; Ehlmann, Bethany; Schröder, Susanne; Payré, Valérie; Rapin, William; Pinet, Patrick; Sautter, Violaine; Lanza, Nina; Lasue, Jérémie; Maurice, Sylvestre; Wiens, Roger C.;
  • Publisher: American Geophysical Union

The Curiosity rover conducted the first field investigation of an active extraterrestrial dune. This study of the Bagnold dunes focuses on the ChemCam chemical results and also presents findings on the grain size distributions based on the ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager an... View more
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