Genetic diversification in the Tropical Western Atlantic Ocean: Phylogeography of the gastropod Bulla occidentalis

Master thesis English OPEN
Aarø, Jørgen;
  • Publisher: The University of Bergen
  • Subject: Bulla occidentalis | Mollusca | Gastropod | Caribbean | Tropical western atlantic ocean | Genetic diversity | Differentiation | Panamanian Isthmus | Pleistocene | Glacial cycles | :Mathematics and natural science: 400::Zoology and botany: 480::Ecology: 488 [VDP] | Mastergrad | 751999

The region under study is the Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA) which includes the Caribbean Sea with adjacent coastlines, the Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda and the coast of South America down to the tropical/temperate transitional zone near Uruguay. There are several exa... View more
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