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Ideal magnetohydrodynamic simulations of unmagnetized dense plasma jet injection into a hot strongly magnetized plasma

Liu Yongan; Yang Sun; Yang Sun; Yang Sun; X. H. Zhou; Yong Yang; Hui-Zi Jin; Shuang Yu; Y. H. Zhang;
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  • Published: 29 Jun 2010
We present results from three-dimensional ideal magnetohydrodynamic simulations of unmagnetized dense plasma jet injection into a uniform hot strongly magnetized plasma, with the aim of providing insight into core fueling of a tokamak with parameters relevant for ITER and NSTX (National Spherical Torus Experiment). Unmagnetized dense plasma jet injection is similar to compact toroid injection but with much higher plasma density and total mass, and consequently lower required injection velocity. Mass deposition of the jet into the background appears to be facilitated via magnetic reconnection along the jet's trailing edge. The penetration depth of the plasma jet ...
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free text keywords: Physics - Plasma Physics, Physics - Computational Physics, Physics - Fluid Dynamics, Nuclear and High Energy Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Neutron number, Proton, Neutron, Yrast, Excited state, Isotope, Physics, Large deformation, SHELL model, Atomic physics, Magnetohydrodynamic drive, Penetration depth, Compact toroid, Plasma, Edge-localized mode, Tokamak, law.invention, law, Computational physics, Magnetic flux, Magnetic reconnection
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