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A Lithium-Beryllium Method for the Detection of Solar Neutrinos

Kopylov, A. V.; Orekhov, I. V.; Petukhov, V. V.; Solomatin, A. E.;
Open Access Russian
  • Published: 20 Oct 2009
A method for the detection of solar neutrino has been developed using the laboratory bench installations. The efficiency of the extraction of beryllium from lithium as high as 96.4{%} has been achieved, and it was shown that lithium losses during the extraction were less than 1{%}. The prospects of a full-scale experiment with a 10-t lithium detector consisting of twenty 500-kg lithium modules are discussed. The technical solutions formulated on the basis of this study enable to make design of a pilot lithium installation containing 500 kg of metallic lithium
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