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Beyond-CMOS Device Benchmarking for Boolean and Non-Boolean Logic Applications

Pan, Chenyun; Naeemi, Azad;
Open Access English
  • Published: 12 Nov 2017
The latest results of benchmarking research are presented for a variety of beyond-CMOS charge- and spin-based devices. In addition to improving the device-level models, several new device proposals and a few majorly modified devices are investigated. Deep pipelining circuits are employed to boost the throughput of low-power devices. Furthermore, the benchmarking methodology is extended to interconnect-centric analyses and non-Boolean logic applications. In contrast to Boolean circuits, non-Boolean circuits based on the cellular neural network demonstrate that spintronic devices can potentially outperform conventional CMOS devices.
ACM Computing Classification System: Hardware_LOGICDESIGN
free text keywords: Computer Science - Emerging Technologies
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