Generation of ten kilotesla longitudinal magnetic fields in ultraintense laser-solenoid target interactions

Preprint English OPEN
Xiao, K. D. ; Zhou, C. T. ; Zhang, H. ; Huang, T. W. ; Li, R. ; Qiao, B. ; Cao, J. M. ; Cai, T. X. ; Ruan, S. C. ; He, X. T. (2018)
  • Subject: Physics - Optics | Physics - Plasma Physics
    arxiv: Physics::Accelerator Physics

Production of the huge longitudinal magnetic fields by using an ultraintense laser pulse irradiating a solenoid target is considered. Through three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations, it is shown that the longitudinal magnetic field up to ten kilotesla can be observed in the ultraintense laser-solenoid target interactions. The finding is associated with both fast and return electron currents in the solenoid target. The huge longitudinal magnetic field is of interest for a number of important applications, which include controlling the divergence of laser-driven energetic particles for medical treatment, fast-ignition in inertial fusion, etc., as an example, the well focused and confined directional electron beams are realized by using the solenoid target.
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