Controlling friction in a manganite surface by resistive switching

Preprint English OPEN
Schmidt, Hendrik ; Krisponeit, Jon-Olaf ; Samwer, Konrad ; Volkert, Cynthia A. (2016)
  • Subject: Condensed Matter - Materials Science
    mesheuropmc: human activities | body regions | sense organs | integumentary system | musculoskeletal diseases

We report a significant change in friction of a $\rm La_{0.55}Ca_{0.45}MnO_3$ thin film measured as a function of the materials resistive state under ultrahigh vacuum conditions at room temperature by friction force microscopy. While friction is high in the insulating state, it clearly changes to lower values if the probed local region is switched to the conducting state via nanoscale resistance switching. Thus we demonstrate active control of friction without having to change the temperature or pressure. Upon switching back to an insulating state the friction increases again. The results are discussed in the framework of electronic friction effects and electrostatic interactions.
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