On The Effective Construction of Asymmetric Chudnovsky Multiplication Algorithms in Finite Fields Without Derivated Evaluation

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Ballet, Stéphane; Baudru, Nicolas; Bonnecaze, Alexis; Tukumuli, Mila;
  • Subject: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry

The Chudnovsky and Chudnovsky algorithm for the multiplication in extensions of finite fields provides a bilinear complexity which is uniformly linear whith respect to the degree of the extension. Recently, Randriambololona has generalized the method, allowing asymmetry... View more
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    T : −→ 7−→ 5.2.3. The basis of L(D1 + D2). As seen in Section 3.3.3, BD1+D2 = (f1,...,fn,fn+1,...,f2n+g−1) where, for j ∈ {1,...,2n − 1}, the fi are defined above. The basis is completed with

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