More notions of forcing add a Souslin tree

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Brodsky, Ari Meir; Rinot, Assaf;
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  • Subject: Mathematics - Logic | microscopic approach | Radin forcing | outside guessing of clubs | Magidor forcing | Cohen forcing | Prikry forcing | Souslin-tree construction | parameterized proxy principle | Hechler forcing | 03E35 | 03E05 | square principle | 03E65 | Primary 03E05, Secondary 03E35, 05C05 | 05C05

An $\aleph _{1}$ -Souslin tree is a complicated combinatorial object whose existence cannot be decided on the grounds of ZFC alone. But fifteen years after Tennenbaum and Jech independently devised notions of forcing for introducing such a tree, Shelah proved that alrea... View more
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