FRB microstructure revealed by the real-time detection of FRB170827

Article, Preprint English OPEN
Farah, W; Flynn, C; Bailes, M; Jameson, A; Bannister, K W; Barr, E D; Bateman, T; Bhandari, S; Caleb, M; Campbell-Wilson, D; Chang, S-W; Deller, A; Green, A J; Hunstead, R; Jankowski, F; Keane, E; Macquart, J-P; Möller, A; Onken, C A; Osłowski, S; Parthasarathy, A; Plant, K; Ravi, V; Shannon, R M; Tucker, B E; Venkatraman Krishnan, V; Wolf, C;

We report a new Fast Radio Burst (FRB) discovered in real-time as part of the UTMOST project at the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Radio Telescope (MOST). FRB170827 is the first detected with our low-latency ($< 24$ s), machine-learning-based FRB detection system. The F... View more