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Plasmon mediated non-photochemical nucleation of nanoparticles by circularly polarized light

Karpov, Victor G.; Grigorchuk, Nicholas I.;
Open Access English
  • Published: 28 Feb 2014
We predict nucleation of pancake shaped metallic nanoparticles having plasmonic frequencies in resonance with a non-absorbed circularly polarized electromagnetic field. We show that the same field can induce nucleation of randomly oriented needle shaped particles. The probabilities of these shapes are estimated vs. field frequency and strength, material parameters, and temperature. This constitutes a quantitative model of non-photochemical laser induced nucleation (NPLIN) consistent with the observed particle geometry. Our results open a venue to nucleation of nanoparticles of desirable shapes controlled by the field frequency and polarization.
free text keywords: Condensed Matter - Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics, Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics
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