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Ensuring Spreadsheet Integrity with Model Master

Paine, Jocelyn;
Open Access English
  • Published: 23 Jan 2008
We have developed the Model Master (MM) language for describing spreadsheets, and tools for converting MM programs to and from spreadsheets. The MM decompiler translates a spreadsheet into an MM program which gives a concise summary of its calculations, layout, and styling. This is valuable when trying to understand spreadsheets one has not seen before, and when checking for errors. The MM compiler goes the other way, translating an MM program into a spreadsheet. This makes possible a new style of development, in which spreadsheets are generated from textual specifications. This can reduce error rates compared to working directly with the raw spreadsheet, and gi...
ACM Computing Classification System: ComputingMilieux_PERSONALCOMPUTINGInformationSystems_INFORMATIONSYSTEMSAPPLICATIONS
free text keywords: Computer Science - Programming Languages, Computer Science - Human-Computer Interaction, J.1, H.4.1, K.6.4, D.2.9
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