Hadronic decay properties of newly observed $\Omega_c$ baryons

Preprint English OPEN
Zhao, Ze ; Ye, Dan-Dan ; Zhang, Ailin (2017)

Hadronic decay widths of the newly observed charmed strange baryons, $\Omega_c(3000)^0$, $\Omega_c(3050)^0$, $\Omega_c(3066)^0$, $\Omega_c(3090)^0$ and $\Omega_c(3119)^0$ have been calculated in a $^3P_0$ model. Our results indicate that $\Omega_c(3066)^0$ and $\Omega_c(3090)^0$ can be interpreted as the $1P-$wave $\Omega_{c2}(\frac{3}{2}^-)$ or $\Omega_{c2}(\frac{5}{2}^-)$. Though the measured masses of $\Omega_c(3000)^0$, $\Omega_c(3050)^0$ and $\Omega_c(3119)^0$ are lower than existed theoretical predictions of $1D-$wave $\Omega_c$, the hadronic decay features of these $\Omega_c$ favor assignments of the $1D-$wave states. $\Omega_c(3000)^0$ is possibly $\Omega_{c1}(\frac{1}{2}^+)$ or $\Omega_{c1}(\frac{3}{2}^+)$, $\Omega_c(3050)^0$ is possibly $\hat\Omega_{c3}(\frac{5}{2}^+)$ or $\hat\Omega_{c3}(\frac{7}{2}^+)$, and $\Omega_c(3119)^0$ is possibly $\hat\Omega_{c3}(\frac{5}{2}^+)$, $\hat\Omega_{c3}(\frac{7}{2}^+)$, $\Omega_{c3}(\frac{5}{2}^+)$ or $\Omega_{c3}(\frac{7}{2}^+)$. The predicted total decay widths in these assignments are consistent with experiment.
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