Generalized Perron--Frobenius Theorem for Nonsquare Matrices

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Avin, Chen; Borokhovich, Michael; Haddad, Yoram; Kantor, Erez; Lotker, Zvi; Parter, Merav; Peleg, David;
  • Subject: Computer Science - Numerical Analysis

The celebrated Perron--Frobenius (PF) theorem is stated for irreducible nonnegative square matrices, and provides a simple characterization of their eigenvectors and eigenvalues. The importance of this theorem stems from the fact that eigenvalue problems on such matrice... View more
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    1(A) 0 Algorithm ComputeP(L) /* Binary search phase: nding 1. 1; 2. While f ( ; L) = 1 do: 2 ; 3. If > 1, then =2, else 4. + ; 5. While + do:

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