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Surface tension propulsion of fungal spores by use of microdroplets

Noblin, Xavier; Yang, Sylvia; Dumais, Jacques;
Open Access English
  • Published: 17 Oct 2010
Many edible mushrooms eject their spores (about 10 microns in size) at high speed (about 1 m/s) using surface tension forces in a few microseconds. Basically the coalescence of a droplet with the spore generates the necessary momentum to eject the spore. We have detailed this mechanism in \cite{noblin2}. In this article, we give some details about the high speed movies (up to 250000 fps) of mushrooms' spores ejection attached to this submission. This video was submitted as part of the Gallery of Fluid Motion 2010 which is showcase of fluid dynamics videos.
free text keywords: Physics - Fluid Dynamics
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