Neutrino-Pair Exchange Long-Range Force Between Aggregate Matter

Preprint English OPEN
Segarra, A. (2016)
  • Subject: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

We study the long-range force arising between two neutral---of electric charge---aggregates of matter due to a neutrino-pair exchange, in the limit of zero neutrino mass. The conceptual basis for the construction of the effective potential comes from the coherent scattering amplitude at low values of t. This amplitude is obtained using the methodology of an unsubtracted dispersion relation in t at threshold for s, where (s, t) are the Lorentz invariant scattering variables. The ultraviolet behavior is irrelevant for the long-range force. In turn, the absorptive part in the t-dependence is given by the corresponding unitarity relation. We show that the potential describing this force decreases as $r^{-5}$ at large separation distance r. This interaction is described in terms of its own charge, which we call the weak flavor charge of the interacting systems, that depends on the flavor of the neutrino as $Q_W^e = 2Z-N$, $Q_W^\mu = Q_W^\tau = -N$. The flavor dependence of the potential factorizes in the product of the weak charges of the interacting systems, so that the resulting force is always repulsive. Furthermore, this charge is proportional to the number of constituent particles, which differs from the global mass, so this interaction could be disentangled from gravitation through deviations from the Equivalence Principle.
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