Towards an axiomatic model of fundamental interactions at Planck scale

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Kiselev, Arthemy V.;
  • Subject: 57R56, 81T30, 81T75, also 05C38, 52C23, 81V22 | Physics - General Physics
    arxiv: High Energy Physics::Experiment

By exploring possible physical sense of notions, structures, and logic in a class of noncommutative geometries, we try to unify the four fundamental interactions within an axiomatic quantum picture. We identify the objects and algebraic operations which could properly e... View more
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    7. The cosmic microwave background radiation is an immanent property of space itself, so it can not be shielded altogether by using any macroscopic medium.

    8. The polarised antiphotons are cross-identical to the respective photons.

    9. The weak processes are much less likely to occur than the strong ones.

    10. A decay of the unstable leptons µ ± and τ ± and the (anti)neutrino oscillations ντ ↔ νμ ↔ νe are second order phase transitions.

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