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Photon dispersion in a supernova core

Alexander Kopf; Georg G. Raffelt;
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  • Published: 18 Nov 1997 Journal: Physical Review D, volume 57, pages 3,235-3,241 (issn: 0556-2821, eissn: 1089-4918, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: American Physical Society (APS)
While the photon forward-scattering amplitude on free magnetic dipoles (e.g. free neutrons) vanishes, the nucleon magnetic moments still contribute significantly to the photon dispersion relation in a supernova (SN) core where the nucleon spins are not free due to their interaction. We study the frequency dependence of the relevant spin susceptibility in a toy model with only neutrons which interact by one-pion exchange. Our approach amounts to calculating the photon absorption rate from the inverse bremsstrahlung process gamma n n --> n n, and then deriving the refractive index n_refr with the help of the Kramers-Kronig relation. In the static limit (omega --> ...
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FIG. 1. The function s(x) as defined in Eq. (28). The

analytic approximation Eq. (29) is identical to within plotting

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