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Theory of a slow-light catastrophe

Ulf Leonhardt;
Open Access English
  • Published: 05 Apr 2002
In diffraction catastrophes such as the rainbow the wave nature of light resolves ray singularities and draws delicate interference patterns. In quantum catastrophes such as the black hole the quantum nature of light resolves wave singularities and creates characteristic quantum effects related to Hawking radiation. The paper describes the theory behind a recent proposal [U. Leonhardt, arXiv:physics/0111058, Nature (in press)] to generate a quantum catastrophe of slow light.
free text keywords: Physics - Optics, Physics - General Physics, Quantum, Rainbow, Black hole, Quantum mechanics, Black hole information paradox, Gravitational singularity, Hawking radiation, Physics, Diffraction, Slow light
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1 + e2πμ 1 + e2πμ 2ω0(i∂t − ω0) Ep(+) ≈ (i∂t + ω0)(i∂t − ω0) Ep(+)

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