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Normal Image Manipulation for Bas-relief Generation with Hybrid Styles

Ji, Zhongping; Sun, Xianfang; Ma, Weiyin;
Open Access English
  • Published: 17 Apr 2018
We introduce a normal-based bas-relief generation and stylization method which is motivated by the recent advancement in this topic. Creating bas-relief from normal images has successfully facilitated bas-relief modeling in image space. However, the use of normal images in previous work is often restricted to certain type of operations only. This paper is intended to extend normal-based methods and construct bas-reliefs from normal images in a versatile way. Our method can not only generate a new normal image by combining various frequencies of existing normal images and details transferring, but also build bas-reliefs from a single RGB image and its edge-based ...
free text keywords: Computer Science - Graphics
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22 references, page 1 of 2
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