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SS433: the second Wolf-Rayet X-ray binary ?

Fuchs, Yael; Koch-Miramond, Lydie; Abraham, Peter;
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  • Published: 23 Aug 2002
We present mid-infrared spectrophotometric observations of SS433 with ISOPHOT. The HeI+HeII lines in both spectra of SS433 and of the Wolf-Rayet star WR147, a wind-colliding WN8+BO5 binary system, closely match. The 2.5-12 micron continuum radiation is due to an expanding wind free-free emission in an intermediate case between optically thick and optically thin regimes. The inferred mass loss rate evaluation gives ~10^{-4} Msun/yr. Our results are consistent with a Wolf-Rayet-like companion to the compact object in SS433. A similar study for Cygnus X-3 confirms the Wolf-Rayet-like nature of its companion, although with a later WN type than previously suggested.
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