Attention-based Memory Selection Recurrent Network for Language Modeling

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Liu, Da-Rong; Chuang, Shun-Po; Lee, Hung-yi;
  • Subject: Computer Science - Computation and Language

Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) have achieved great success in language modeling. However, since the RNNs have fixed size of memory, their memory cannot store all the information about the words it have seen before in the sentence, and thus the useful long-term informa... View more
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    Table 1. The statistics of the three data sets we used in the following experiments. Corpus Lang train dev test jsj jvj PT Eng 40K 3K 4K 21.1 9999 SB Eng 945K 10K 5.2K 10.39 47283 GW Chi 531K 165K 260K 10.79 5123 jsj denotes the average number of words in the sentences. jvj denotes the size of the vocabulary. PT denotes Penn Treebank Corpus. SB denotes Switchboard Corpus. GW denotes Gigaword Corpus.

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