Experimental evidence for fast cluster formation of chain oxygen vacancies in YBa2Cu3O7-d being at the origin of the fishtail anomaly

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Erb, Andreas; Manuel, Alfred A.; Dhalle, Marc; Marti, Frank; Genoud, Jean-Yves; Revaz, Bernard; Junod, Alain; Vasumathi, Dharmavaram; Ishibashi, Shoji; Shukla, Abhay; Walker, Eric; Fischer, Oystein; Fluekiger, Rene; Pozzi, Riccardo; Mali, Mihael; Brinkmann, Detlef;

We report on three different and complementary measurements, namely magnetisation measurements, positron annihilation spectroscopy and NMR measurements, which give evidence that the formation of oxygen vacancy clusters is on the origin of the fishtail anomaly in YBa2Cu3... View more
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