A New Measurement of the 1S0 Neutron-Neutron Scattering Length using the Neutron-Proton Scattering Length as a Standard

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Trotter, D. E. Gonzalez; Salinas, F.; Chen, Q.; Crowell, A. S.; Gloeckle, W.; Howell, C. R.; Roper, C. D.; Schmidt, D.; Slaus, I.; Tang, H.; Tornow, W.; Walter, R. L.; Witala, H.; Zhou, Z.;

The present paper reports high-accuracy cross-section data for the 2H(n,nnp) reaction in the neutron-proton (np) and neutron-neutron (nn) final-state-interaction (FSI) regions at an incident mean neutron energy of 13.0 MeV. These data were analyzed with rigorous three-n... View more
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