Time-dependent screening of a positive charge distribution in metals: Excitons on an ultra-short time scale

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Schöne, Wolf-Dieter ; Ekardt, Walter (2000)

Experiments determining the lifetime of excited electrons in crystalline copper reveal states which cannot be interpreted as Bloch states [S. Ogawa {\it et al.}, Phys. Rev. B {\bf 55}, 10869 (1997)]. In this article we propose a model which explains these states as transient excitonic states in metals. The physical background of transient excitons is the finite time a system needs to react to an external perturbation, in other words, the time which is needed to build up a polarization cloud. This process can be probed with modern ultra-short laser pulses. We calculate the time-dependent density-response function within the jellium model and for real Cu. From this knowledge it is possible within linear response theory to calculate the time needed to screen a positive charge distribution and -- on top of this -- to determine excitonic binding energies. Our results lead to the interpretation of the experimentally detected states as transient excitonic states.
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