Top quark production cross-section at the Tevatron Run 2

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Cabrera, S. (2003)
  • Subject: High Energy Physics - Experiment
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The top quark pair production cross-section ${\sigma}_{t\bar{t}}$ has been measured in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at center of mass energies of 1.96 TeV using Tevatron Run 2 data. In the begining of Run 2 both CDF and D\O\ $\sigma_{t\bar{t}}$ measurements in the {\it dilepton} channel $t\bar{t}{\to}WbW\bar{b}{\to}\bar{\ell}{\nu}_{\ell}b{\ell}^{'}\ bar{\nu}_{{\ell}^{'}}\bar{b}$ and in the {\it lepton plus jets} channel $t\bar{t}{\to}WbW\bar{b}{\to}q\bar{q}^{'}b{\ell}\bar{\nu}_{\ell }\bar{b}+\bar{\ell}{\nu}_{\ell}bq\bar{q}^{'}\bar{b}$ agree with the NLO (Next-to-Leading-Order) theoretical predictions. The presence of a top signal in Tevatron data has been reestablished.
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