Super-Gaussian, super-diffusive transport of multi-mode active matter

Preprint English OPEN
Hahn, Seungsoo ; Song, Sanggeun ; Kim, Dae Hyun ; Yang, Gil-Suk ; Lee, Kang Taek ; Sung, Jaeyoung (2017)
  • Subject: Physics - Biological Physics | Condensed Matter - Soft Condensed Matter

Living cells exhibit multi-mode transport that switches between an active, self-propelled motion and a seemingly passive, random motion. Cellular decision-making over transport mode switching is a stochastic process that depends on the dynamics of the intracellular chemical network regulating the cell migration process. Here, we propose a theory and an exactly solvable model of multi-mode active matter. Our exact model study shows that the reversible transition between a passive mode and an active mode is the origin of the anomalous, super-Gaussian transport dynamics, which has been observed in various experiments for multi-mode active matter. We also present the generalization of our model to encompass complex multi-mode matter with arbitrary internal state chemical dynamics and internal state dependent transport dynamics.
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