Glass transition temperature of PMMA/modified alumina nanocomposite: Molecular dynamic study

Preprint English OPEN
Mohammadi, Maryam ; Davoodi, Jamal ; Javanbakht, Mahdi ; Rezaei, Hamidreza (2017)
  • Subject: Condensed Matter - Materials Science | Physics - Applied Physics

In this study, the effect of alumina and modified alumina nanoparticles in a PMMA/alumina nanocomposite was investigated. To attain this goal, the glass transition behavior of poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA), PMMA/alumina and PMMA/hydroxylated alumina nanocomposites were investigated by molecular dynamic simulations (MD). All the MD simulations were performed using the Materials Studio 6.0 software package of Accelrys. To obtain the glass transition temperature, the variation of density vs. temperature was obtained. The temperature at which the slope of the density-temperature curve observably changes is defined as the glass transition temperature (Tg). The effect of alumina nanoparticles on the Tg was related to the free volume and the mobility of chain segments and the interaction between the alumina nanoparticles and the polymer. The mobility of the chain segments was investigated based on the mean square displacement and radius gyration. The results show that the increasement the Tg of the PMMA/hydroxylated alumina nanocomposite is more than that of the PMMA/alumina nanocomposite due to the modification of the alumina nanoparticles.
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