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Linear Encodings of Bounded LTL Model Checking

Biere, Armin; Heljanko, Keijo; Junttila, Tommi; Latvala, Timo; Schuppan, Viktor;
Open Access
  • Published: 15 Nov 2006 Journal: Logical Methods in Computer Science, volume 2 (eissn: 1860-5974, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Logical Methods in Computer Science e.V.
We consider the problem of bounded model checking (BMC) for linear temporal logic (LTL). We present several efficient encodings that have size linear in the bound. Furthermore, we show how the encodings can be extended to LTL with past operators (PLTL). The generalised encoding is still of linear size, but cannot detect minimal length counterexamples. By using the virtual unrolling technique minimal length counterexamples can be captured, however, the size of the encoding is quadratic in the specification. We also extend virtual unrolling to Buchi automata, enabling them to accept minimal length counterexamples. Our BMC encodings can be made incremental in order...
free text keywords: Theoretical Computer Science, General Computer Science, Invariant (mathematics), Counterexample, Encoding (memory), Büchi automaton, Discrete mathematics, Bounded function, Algorithm, Incremental encoding, Cycle detection, Model checking, Mathematics, Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science, F.3.1, B.6.3, D.2.4, F.4.1
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93 references, page 1 of 7
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