Volumetric formulation of lattice Boltzmann models with energy conservation

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Sbragaglia, M. ; Sugiyama, K. (2010)

We analyze a volumetric formulation of lattice Boltzmann for compressible thermal fluid flows. The velocity set is chosen with the desired accuracy, based on the Gauss-Hermite quadrature procedure, and tested against controlled problems in bounded and unbounded fluids. The method allows the simulation of thermohydrodyamical problems without the need to preserve the exact space-filling nature of the velocity set, but still ensuring the exact conservation laws for density, momentum and energy. Issues related to boundary condition problems and improvements based on grid refinement are also investigated.
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    Lx 0.005

    (ux 0.004

    Press, Second edition, 1992). [56] This is the central region of the channel which is distant more than ≈ 15 mean free paths from both walls. The theoretical

    prediction is extracted from equations (1.60), (3.43) and (3.47) in [38]

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