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Significance of self magnetic field in long-distance collimation of laser-generated electron beams

Chen, Shi; Huang, Jiaofeng; Niu, Yifei; Dan, Jiakun; Chen, Ziyu; Li, Jianfeng;
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  • Published: 09 Oct 2014
Long-distance collimation of fast electron beams generated by laser-metallic-wire targets has been observed in recent experiments, while the mechanism behind this phenomenon remains unclear. In this work, we investigate in detail the laser-wire interaction processes with a simplified model and Classical Trajectory Monte Carlo simulations, and demonstrate the significance of the self magnetic fields of the beams in the long-distance collimation. Good agreements of simulated image plate patterns with various experiments and detailed analysis of electron trajectories show that the self magnetic fields provide restoring force that is critical for the beam collimatio...
arXiv: Physics::Accelerator Physics
free text keywords: Physics - Plasma Physics
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