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Elliptic hypergeometric functions associated with root systems

Rosengren, Hjalmar; Warnaar, S. Ole;
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  • Published: 26 Apr 2017
We give a survey of elliptic hypergeometric functions associated with root systems, comprised of three main parts. The first two form in essence an annotated table of the main evaluation and transformation formulas for elliptic hypergeometric integeral and series on root systems. The third and final part gives an introduction to Rains' elliptic Macdonald-Koornwinder theory (in part also developed by Coskun and Gustafson).
arXiv: Mathematics::Classical Analysis and ODEs
free text keywords: Mathematics - Classical Analysis and ODEs, Mathematical Physics, Mathematics - Combinatorics
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R∗λ(x1, . . . , xn+1; a, b; q, t; p) = X cλμ(xn+1; a, b; q, t, tn; p)R∗μ(x1, . . . , xn; a, b; q, t; p), (1.4.3) μ

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74 references, page 1 of 5
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